Dharahara reconstruction moving at desired place

 Dharahara reconstruction moving at desired place

The reconstruction of Dharahara Tower has been moving ahead in desired speed and

till now the work is done up to 12 stores.

The GIETC-Rama JV Company is building Dharahara at a cost of Rs. 3.45 billion.

There will be a 22-storied tower and extended infrastructure. The NRA (National

Reconstruction Authority) has acquired around 15 ropanis of land of the General

Post Office and 3 ropanis of sundhara. The new dharhara will be first model

structure in Nepal. The height of new Dharahara is 79.2 meters including the dome

and pinnacle parts.

The 22-storied new tower will cover an area of 22 Ropanis of land. Over 150

Nepalese and Indian workers have been working on the project. 

As the master plan, there will be build triple basement underground parking at the

General Post Office section. The top part of third storied of underground will be

develop as a park with greenery with various facilities like water fountain, stone

tap, a museum.

NRA has recently planned to develop an inner route to connect Dharahara and

Kathmandu Mall from the aspect of tourism.

Bhimsen Thapa, the first Prime Minister of modern Nepal, had built the tower in

1832. The 9-storey structure had 213 steps in its spiral staircase to the top and a

balcony on the seventh storey.

About 160 people were killed when the Dharhara collapsed after the 7.9 magnitude

earthquake brought the tower down. The Dharahara is also known as Bhimsen


The remains of old Dharahara will be preserved keeping it inside a glass case after

the completion of the retrofitting work.

Photo Album and 3D Plan:

Some Construction Photos:

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