Conflict has taken serious turn in Advanced College of Engineering and Management – ACEM

The world has been in the chaos of Corona Virus. It has affected the whole country in different field. Education field has been heavily affected due to this pandemic. There has been voices of alternative systems and questions of the functioning of the education system of many universities in the recent times. The whole country has suffered mentally and physically in this time. Many peoples has lost their jobs and even become homeless. Its hard to even fulfill daily needs . In this hard times, Engineering Colleges of different universities are still taking the full amount of fee where students hasn’t been able to use the College resources and facilities. In consequences, there has been conflict between the colleges and student.

Similar, Some Conflict has been seen in One of the Top private engineering college Advanced College of Engineering and Management – ACEM also. Few Students aren’t satisfied with the decision of the college management and as you have seen in above pictures locking down the college has been taken place.

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