Breaking Away from a Routine Desk Job

Many people ask me “Why did you choose Civil Engineering as your major ?”

Civil Engineering differs from other career as it gives us break from our regular desk job, meaning you
will be spending minimal time sitting around the desk, benefiting us to work more at the construction
site and field, so I picked civil engineering as my profession.

Civil Engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with design, constructions and maintenance of
the physical and naturally built environments including public works. Beside these there are other specialization of civil engineering too. Anyways, Civil engineering is like an adventure where in every step you will face new challenges allowing interactions with new people on variety of projects in variety of locations and conditions. It is a hands-on job focused mostly outdoors, civil engineers tend find it common to split their time between working in an office and working outdoors.

Normal jobs generally include desk job causing your back ache, head ache, eye ache and mood ache, where half of your life is spent seating on same chair unlike in civil engineering, A example of project its working can be subdivided into three parts: First includes the most important part of any projects i.e. feasibility studies, site investigations and designing , Then the second process contains the meetings/ dealing with clients and consulting engineers and contractors. Finally, the last part is where all the researching and maintenance or construction is done. I think you get this feel of adventure in every steps of professional life can only be in civil engineering discipline.

Simply putting all these together, we can say that civil engineering isn’t like any other boring jobs and it
is surely a breaking away from a regular routine desk job.


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