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Alternative Evaluation System

The time has come to revise the pre-existing rusty education and its evaluation system with an alternative evaluation System. That doesn’t mean in any way that students want to pass without exams or by any other medium which would not check their learning. Students cannot escape from exams; exams are inevitable to students but certainly not more crucial than life and family’s life. It’s already more than a year now that the students of Tribhuvan University(IoE), Pokhara University and Purbanchal University are facing the problem of physical exams.

Due to the pandemic conducting physical exams are full of complexities these days from both the end. Neither the staff and lecturers nor the students are fully vaccinated. Students, invigilators and other employees have to use different modes of transportation to reach the exam Centre. Hundreds of students arrive at the Centre from different places. How can zero transmission be assured? The silence of experts regarding this problem is blameworthy. Yes, we are not an expert to suggest a particular type of exam system which may devalue the grading system or may be of less value in future. But the so-called academic experts should come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Adaptability according to changing time is unavoidable in all the domains. So the current leadership of the University must adopt an alternative evaluation system. There are many other options for evaluating students other than physical exams that examine the learning of students. Many foreign universities have implemented online exams that are open-book, open- internet and timed. They are using plagiarism checkers, video proctoring, lockdown browsers and IP tracking. Tools like Turnitin and Respondus are available to prevent plagiarism or cheating. Because just postponing exams will bring more problems to students as well as the university’s academic calendar. Due to lack of technological literacy, technological advancement in the Universities, they have been rescheduling exams. That is causing a delay in graduation, which is an enormous loss for the students who want to pursue higher education in foreign countries.

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