A Story of Purbanchal University(P.U) Student

I am a student of 2016 batch studying under the faculty of science and technology under the program of Civil Engineering. I started by engineering career with a hope of serving my nation by pursuing through the PSC examination. My all time focus was only on my future plans of selecting either on the top class university for master degree or Cracking the public service examination. I was managing both my semester studies and Psc exams studies from the First semester.

All the things were going perfectly as per my plan, I was on Final year of my engineering on 2020 and was very much excited about my future goals and careers as, I was on the last stage of my bachelor life. The date of seventh semester final examination was fixed on April of 2020 (Chaitra of 2076). Due to the Global pandemic COVID-19 all the exams of university were cancelled and the country went under Lockdown. Purbanchal university somehow managed to take the exams through Time Bound Online Examination in the month of kartik of 2077. As 8 months passed and the results are wait to come.

Despite of it, Again after the 2nd wave of COVID the exams of all the even semester were cancelled on its last stage on the month of baisakh of 2078. The last 2 or 3 paper of each semester were left. My question is that, Are purbanchal University not capable of taking those examinations by any other virtual method rather than primitive system? The result of previous(odd) semester is not published yet (8 months after the examination), so when will be the cancelled examinations of even semester will be taken and what about their result?

My family expects me to help them financially, After spending my 5 years still not a graduate and even not sure about the time of graduating what am I supposed to do ? 

All of my batchmates friends studying in foreign countries as well as in certain university of Nepal have completed their bachelor degree one year ahead (i.e. on 2020 according to time). I am not aware  about their capacity and knowledge they acquired through their online exams or directly promoted exams. But they are now my senior according to the time of graduation as well as the working experience and knowledge they have gained in these years.

 All the governmental examinations have age limit, Are they going to provide me any excuse of Considering me for appearing in the examinations Or will purbanchal university issue any notice for helping me in such problems?

Who is responsible for all the depressions, tension, anxiety and many more mental problems I am pursuing through ?

At the time of 1st wave of COVID-19 we were not aware about the Corona virus, It is understood that the waves of corona virus will keep on coming for so many years, Still waiting for the low rate effect of covid and planning only after it and following only the primitive method doesn’t makes any sense from my point of view. Most of the universities have claimed that they are not affected by the Global Pandemic Corona Virus in 2021.


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