Summary of An Interaction Session with Arpan Sharma

This very event was organized by Engineers Vlogs on 2078/04/14 with support of Skill Corner and Consultant. There were around 1000+ active participation in the event and all together twelve questions were asked to our keynote speaker; Mr. Arpan Sharma. This event was mainly focused to address the burning problems of students they were facing after the second wave of pandemic. The event was preciously special and participants shared some of their highly appreciable feedback as well. 

Some of the following lime lighting points were noted as the conclusion of the event. 

  1. If you are suffering from the problem of not being able to focus/concentrate over something productive for a longer period of time then you must try to wake in the morning as this time our brain is most concentrated. One should follow 1:3 rule. This rule suggests that if we are about to work for 60 minutes then we can divide those 60 minutes into two parts. First 15 minutes for preparing our brain and remaining 45 minutes for our work. In those 15 minutes one can perform some quick meditative activities. There is a technique called “TRATAK” which makes us able to control our eyes more than our brain and hence we can increase our concentration if we perform these activities on a daily basis. 
  1. You forget things/topics/chapters/lessons during exams that you have studied at home?? Here’s the solution! Do you know that 5 minutes before sleep and 20 minutes after waking up is said to be the most crucial and highly intense positive environment to re-call things that we want to remember for a longer period of time? Try to train your mind to re-remember stuff that you have studied or seen one day before during these small quarters of time.
  1. “A good diet is always a factor of good memory” so try to take a diet that is beneficial for your brain. Brown rice, walnuts etc. are few of most on demand memory increment foods.
  1. In professional life a good memory power surely could act as a key ingredient for your high credibility at your work. Therefore, to acquire a healthy memory life you can practice some yoga activities and techniques that are being practiced by professionals. Like linking unknown things to the things that we are highly familiar with could work to remember stuff that we often forget. Enjoy the process of learning new things. It motivates you to work and remember more. 
  1. Imagining everything in life might not be fruitful all the time but it doesn’t mean we don’t practice the power to increase our imagination power. There is a technique which looks as See-Imagine-Hold in Brain-Repeat.  Healthy sleeping habits is something that is most common in all highly successful peoples in the world. One should always try to maintain his/her sleep cycle. 
  1. Speaking about third eye mediation Mr. Arpan pointed some of highly powerful mediation activities.  “Shambhabi Mudra” and “Agochari Mudra” if practiced in a correct way it has potential to transform our life to a highly positive and productive ones.  At least he suggested some of books named “Kundalini Yoga (Vol. I &II) & Eye Reiki” for mediation. 

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