NEA Launches Installation Of Smart Meter

NEA Launches Replacement Of Old Meter By Smart Meter 

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has launched the installation of a smart meter at the consumer’s house replacing the old single phase meters. Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barshaman Pun initiated the work replacing the old single-phase meter by smart meter in Ward no 3 building of Budhanilkanth Municipality in Mannikhatar.

Currently, there are over 5 million single-phase meter at consumers’ homes. In the first phase, NEA will replace about 100,000 meters of single-phase and 3 phases in the houses of Ratna Park and Maharajgunj Distribution Centers. With this initiation, NEA’s policy to the Digital NEA campaign begins.

Following the installation of a smart meter, there does not require meter reading work. Following this, data will be available in both central and offices. The lines, of those consumers who do not pay tariffs, can be cut from the center. This will also end the leakage caused by the meter readers. Along with this, electricity theft will drastically reduce the following installation of the smart meter.

Addressing the program, Minister Pun said that the installation of smart meter can improve efficiency and modernize the service provided by the state meeting the government’s target to make prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali. “ This is a milestone towards that.”

Benefits of Smart Meters

Here are some of the other benefits of Smart Meters.

1)Improved network visibility and hence reduced or deferred network reinforcement costs

2)Better management of power outages

3)Improved connection processes

4)Reduced costs for micro-generation customers

5)Access to the benefits offered by demand side response

6)Losses reduction

7)Improved customer service across a range of routine activities, and

8)Increase Customer satisfaction

Under the project, NEA has asked the supplier to install, test, commission and maintain the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Kathmandu Valley. AMI incorporates the smart meters along with the Information and Communication Infrastructure. It is beneficial for both the customers of Single Phase and three phase meters. NEA Smart meter pilot project includes 10,000 such smart meters. After which, there will be the installation of around 1 lakh smart Electricity.

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