Look What’s new for you in IOE ! WRC Exam??

Students questioned IOE regarding the WRC examination, students mental health and many more issues to the IOE representatives. Following are the points got from today’s interaction with officials of I.O.E :

Up-coming steps that will be taken during this pandemic :

  • Results of 5th and 7th sem will be published soon but results of 8th sem might take time.
  • The prescheduled exam of shrawn (regular odd sem) will be postponed to bhadra – 21 bhadra to 20 ashoj.
  • Exam will be held physically as far as possible.(If pandemic continues then exam will be taken by alternative method).
  • Previous semester exams of WRC will be held first as the situations ease.
  • Dashain vacation will be provided for about two weeks but the time between dashain and tihar will he used for Entrance exams/back exam.
  • Even semester will start from Mangsir 1
  • Masters exam which was prescheduled on ashadh 31 is postponed to shrawn
  • Exam of two consecutive semester will not be held.

IOE Updating itself too by :

  • All faculty will be assigned with faculty funds.
  • Percentage system will be upgraded to Grading system.
  • 40-60 i.e 40 internal and 60 external exam will be introduced.(Before it was 20-80 i.e 20 internal and 80 external)
  • Difference between Internal marks and External Marks should not be more than 25%, otherwise IOE software will do something.
  • Hour system will be changed to Credit system.
  • Curriculum will be revised and made student friendly, more practical, industry/ market oriented. Internship will be provided in each stream

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