I.O.E Planning Bachelor’s exam after Poush.

Date Probably : 2077, Poush and Magh  (Similary next in Falgun)

 According to I.O.E Administration :

– Among Even and Odd Semester exams , first exam to be taken will be decided before Tihar.

– Exam will start only when even semester classes ends.

– If condition does’nt come back to normal then alternative process can also be used but exam will be conducted surely.

– Notice will come before 1 month of the each examination.

– After a semester exam minimum 2-3 weeks gap will be given before next semester exam.

– Colleges are instructed to complete bachelors course of running even semester by Mangsir End.

– 15 weeks academic plan will end by providing 1 week holiday for Dashain and 1 week for Tihar- Chhath holiday  by the end of Mangsir.

– About Back Exam, I.O.E is Silent.

– As soon as Masters Exam (Starting from 17 Kartik) is completed they are going with Bachelors.

– Academic calendar has been send to all Campus Chief and Principal.

– Temperature measurement, Sanitizer, Social Distancing e.t.c.  according to Health Ministry and WHO will be applied for exam.

Final Year Project :

– Mentioned in Academic calendar.
– Special Commitee is further studying about Lab, Drawing and Projects.

Fee issues:

A committee is Formed related to it, hoping for update soon.

-Fee are taken for per semester by respective college so, strictly affiliated college are not given much guidelines by I.O.E about it still now.

Source : Interaction Program-III with I.O.E Administration.

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