Engineering is really too tough ?

By : Sunayana Pandey

Engineers are themselves a creator, constructor ,innovator , pathfinder and substantially more. So, I don’t think they necessarily need motivation or if I put in my words I would say they are a motivation in themselves. When you sometimes happen to talk about engineering or just come across a conversation happening about engineering the first thing you’re told is “ Engineering is really too tough”. Then , the second thing you get to glean would be either “It is really hard to clear the exams “ or “You won’t get a job as an engineer’’. And I believe that having to go through all conversations and research and still making the decision to pursue it as a major is bold and motivating in itself. Because that is what you need to be an engineer, courage , motivation and the most important is discipline. Engineering might be hard to deal with but all you need to get through with it is dedication, time management , consistency and the spirit to not give up or doubt yourself.

As a first year student of engineering , what I’ve learned is engineers are not just about building or finding new technologies but there is much more to it. It teaches you to work under utter pressure ,gets you swamped in a pile of assignments and exams. It makes you realize how important time is and how misusing it can gather so much more pressure for you. The first semester was really very tenacious , stressful and hectic. The constant fear of failing the exams , loosing hopes, doubting your choices and what not. Plus trying to find a time to learn something extra was a tough one. But then when you go through all of that and achieve what you want , it gets even sweeter and more satisfactory. So, all you need to do is keep working hard, keep meeting the deadlines , giving the exams and studying. Keep it at your pace , don’t rush things because you’re told you need to learn so much more and become a know it all . Because you don’t have to know everything, or learn every skill at the same time but do start something and be consistent with it. After all the time , hardwork , compassion you will have had kept into it , when your ambitions will finally come to reality it will indeed be a finest.

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