Engineers, let’s raise again for society.

Engineers Vlogs in collaboration with Sano Paila (A little Step) is engaging in an effort to promote the Mega donation programs in all possible Engineering Colleges. The collected fund will be donated to Sano Paila (A little Step) who have been helping to battle this pandemic. Sano Paila is a development oriented, non-profit, non-governmental organization that seeks to provide opportunities to improve economic, social, & health conditions, thereby reducing poverty and injustice in Nepal. Committed to redefining the development sector, we take a bottom-up approach to inclusive and sustainable community development.

Your contribution is making a big difference to many lives . We hope more people come forward to support us and make this fight a little easier.
You can donate us through our bank detail or digital Payment System. Here is the detailed information.

Check the donors list here:
1. Personal Donors
2. Organization/College Donors