सुरु भएको “Online Class” प्रति के भन्छन् विद्यार्थी ?

 I.O.E मा सुरु भएको “Online Class” प्रति के भन्छन् विद्यार्थी ? 

Engineers Vlogs ले तयार पारेको यो रिपोट।

Ashish Mahaseth:

The only thing that interferes my learning is my education.

Aman Chalise:

साँच्चै भन्न पर्दा Online Class त्यति असरदार हुन्छ जस्तो लागेको छैन मलाई । आज पहिलो class बसेँ, सरले पढाउनु भको पनि राम्ररी नबुझिने र क्लासमै बसेको जस्तो नहुने रैछ। उताबाट बोलेको एता नसुनिने, एता बाट बोलेको उता नसुनिने भयो। Theory त आँफैले पढौँला, numericals हरु कसरी गराउनु हुन्छ सरहरुले बिचार गर्न बाँकी नै छ।

अलि हतारमा निर्णय लेको जस्तो लाग्यो IOE ले। IOE ले उठाएको कदम एक हिसाबले सराहनीय भन्न पर्छ। घरमा फाल्टु बस्नु भन्दा पढेर बस्नु नै उपयुक्त मानिन्छ तर अहिले कोरोनाको यस्तो त्रासको बेलामा, ज्यानको जोखिम भएको बेलामा, अन्लाईन क्लास गराएर अझै विद्यार्थीलाई दबाब दिनु उपयुक्त हैन जस्तो लाग्छ।

ईन्जिनियरिङ्ग संकाय practical ज्ञान पनि चाहिँने संकाय हो र अन्लाईनमा एस्तो हुन्छ भनेर हेर्नू भन्दा नी गरेर सिक्न पाए हुन्थ्यो कि? अनि जाँचपनी हुने होला क्लास गराएसी त। त्यसको बारेमा नी राम्ररी जानकारी पाउन पाए हुन्थ्यो।

Aaviskar pokharel:

After 4 months, online Classes has been started.Although it was kind of  late to start the classes at least it got started. Today, was the very first day and the experience was OKAY. My network was Fluctuating. I felt like I was unable to concentrate, during the classes, properly.Overall the classes was good .

Aashish Bhandari :

The first few classes were very effective and the lectures could be understood. In some classes, the lecturers were extremely difficult to be heard because of their low voice and background noises. Frequent disconnections disturbed the fluency of online classes.

Amulya Bhandari :

IOE ko ramro initiative ho online classes suru garnu bhaneko. Digital world ma it shouldn’t apostrophe have been big of a deal. But then hamro country ko context ma unfortunately it has been a big deal. Myself being a computer engineering student, its great to be a part of digital learning. But its not only about me. Knowledge and education bata kosailai pani deprive garnu hudaina because of financial problem or any other problems..Jasari students and teachers actively knowledge sharing through digital media ma lagnu bhako cha, tesari nai University heads haru le yeslai positively liyera sab students lai favorable environment provide garna tira lage it will certainly be fruitful.

Nikesh Acharya:

” Excellent work by IOE. All the teachers are well trained. There’s facility of data system for those who don’t have wifi access. Learning drawing is so much fun.”
Note: Now make all the sentence said above in negative form to know the actual ans

Adarsha Pandey

In the present scenario where physically attending a class is almost impossible, Online classes may be the best way to utilize the power of technology if implemented properly. As a Tech student I found it a good way to interact with the technology. You get to exercise your freedom and control as well as it gives you the opportunity to learn the values of responsibility and priority. However, things may not go as you’ve expected since there are still some problems like lack of internet facilities, internet instability, noises and distractions. Eyestrain, bad posture and physical problems can be some drawbacks for regular learners.

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